THE MACQUARIE BIG SWIM provides the stimulating challenge
to compete in teams for companies, schools, clubs, swim squads,
even groups of friends.

There are two Team Challenges: Corporate Teams and for Club Teams.
  • Teams consist of four swimmers.
  • Winning teams in each category will be decided by the best average time of the four swimmers of each team over the line.
  • Members of Corporate Teams must be employed by the company in whose name the company is entered.
  • Club Teams may be entered by clubs, organisations, or even groups of friends, or swimmers who train in the same squad.


Team Entries
  • Team members must enter as individuals before team details are submitted.
  • Team managers must then complete the on–line Team Details form citing each team member´s Registration id number. This number is obtained during the on–line entry process.
  • Team name should include company, club or school name, and a nickname eg. Macquarie Marlins.

 Please remember, teams can be registered on–line only if all team members have already entered THE BIG SWIM on–line as individuals. Any changes to team members details, such as substituting a team member, must be notified by 5pm, Thursday 25th January, 2018


Teams Challenge Questions

For further information on the Teams Challenges, contact the big swim or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



The winning Corporate Team wins the MACQUARIE BIG SWIM Corporate Trophy. The winning Club Team receives a restaurant voucher for 4 people courtesy of THE BOATHOUSE GROUP!

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Swims n Fins - A separate division allowing swim aids such as flippers and wetsuits

Start Waves

The Big Swim starts in separate waves,

find out the number and starting time of your wave here.

Useful Links


Sea Surface Temperature


  • Register at BIG SWIM and/or Little Big Swim tent for your ankle band and swim cap.
  • Wearing a distinctive cap is compulsory for safety reasons.
  • Flippers are only acceptable in the Fins n Skins event