The first swim was held back in 1974 with a bunch of adventurous members of Whale Beach Surf Club competing. The concept for the swim came from Bob Lynch, the father of Barton Lynch, our former World Champion surfboard rider. Sadly, Bob, a police officer, was killed while travelling on his police motorcycle. The idea of this beach–to–beach, open ocean swim caught on, with numbers increasing dramatically to a point just shy of 2000. Other Surf Clubs have adopted the concept and now run swims along their beaches.
The Big Swim remembers Bob and his association with the club.

THE BIG SWIM is a journey swim, not around the buoys in a bay but a true ocean swim.
After over 40 years it is one of Australia's Iconic ocean swims and all credit to those who have completed the course from Palm Beach around Little Head to finish at Whale Beach.

THE BIG SWIM has as it's principal sponsor MACQUARIE GROUP. WBSLSC is most appreciative of their support over several years

Macquarie Bank - presents THE BIG SWIM 2017

Palm Beach to Whale Beach - 2.8km around the headland

URM presents The Little Big Swim 1km

Event for Beginners within Kiddies corner at Palm Beach

Macquarie Team Challenge

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