The URM Little Big Swim is a great event for recreational pool swimmers or those new to swimming who want to have a go at ocean swimming in a controlled environment with significant water-safety close at hand.

Registration Tent Opens at 7:30am

The URM Little Big Swim Commences at 8:30am

The URM Little Big Swim is up to 1km with a limit of 500 swimmers to ensure comfortable swimming space and safety. The start will be in four waves in designated age groups. The course is a beach start, through the shore break, around coloured buoys and back to the beach.

All should be able to complete the course within 45 minutes. Swimmers will each have an electronic ankle band so times are recorded. Results are available online. If assistance is required, signal by clearly waving and arm.

Water safety will be provided by lifesavers on boards and inflatable Rescue Craft.

the big swim on the day


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